Cars Review 2015 Kia luxury V8 K900 With Design Elegant

Cars Review 2015 Kia luxury V8 K900 With Design Elegant – From a company that is historically known for producing small economy car front-wheel drive, the all new KIA, rear wheels, V8 powered 2015 K900 is a complete aberration. And a very good one at that. K900, rear-wheel drive is the first product of the Kia, the achievements of plume, is pushing a brand previously economic pigeonholed into the stratosphere of luxury travel is perfect. In terms of decoration, razzle-dazzle technology and build quality, K900 is on a footing with even stalwarts such as eternal luxury BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Cadillac. From the perspective of price, Kia beat them soundly by bringing all K900 to market for just $59,500.

2015 Kia luxury V8 K900 Power

If you want to gift wrap full of bells and whistles, this ordering Kia with VIP Package. Although it increases the price of admission with an additional $6,000, you will enjoy every imaginable trinket: Advanced Cruise Control, an advanced vehicle security management, power door latch, 12.3 LCD full-color/TFT instrument Cluster, Head-Up Display, the front seat cushion extension, power front seat headrests, power reclining rear seats, rear outboard seat ventilation, Lateral adjusts the rear headrests, rear seats and Lumbar Support. Even with the addition of all the improvements, transaction costs still amount to only $66,400.

Cars Review 2015 Kia luxury V8 K900 With Design Elegant

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we spend the coldest week in recent memory with the K900, and I can’t think of a car more suited to beat the chill than Kia’s. With the temperature hovering above freezing, K900 produced warm air only two blocks from the drive-off. Better yet, the heated steering wheel at the 9 and 12 o’clock positions, making the use of gloves is not necessary. Both front seat has a three-position seat heating and warmth given also brings the effect immediately. Robust, well designed front and rear defrosters clear vision with shipping corridor. I’ve never had driven a car better suited for low temperature operation.

2015 Kia luxury V8 K900 Comfortable

VIP seats down pillows are able to expand front seat passengers are yet another way to configure the magnificent surroundings. Vice Chair, mimetically control a la Mercedes, smart was placed just below eye level on the front door inner panel, along with three memory settings button. If you can’t get comfortable in this Kia, you don’t get to comfortable period. Control knobs, seating surfaces, wood trim and hold all share the same high-quality pedigree. If you don’t see the name of the window sticker or license plate, you would be justified in thinking that You were driving luxury sedan costs twice as much as you really paid.

2015 Kia luxury V8 K900 Transmission

You certainly won’t be longing for more power. With a muscular 5-liter V8 good for 420hp and 376 lb-ft of torque, the K900 only stealthy loafs along in top gear on the way 75mph 1, 500 rpm. However, should the need arise to slice into a gap in the traffic, the Kia is exploding with satisfying thrust. Although K900 ° s curb weight £4,555 corpulent, you will never find yourself needing more power than a V8 engine can provide. 8 speed automatic transmission compliant and cooperative made most V8 s ° enough juice, and an ultra high upper teeth guarantee 23MPG on freeway Speed cruising. You will, however, see the thickness K900 ° s in the reluctance to change direction on a winding road, or highway is tight. Obviously, Kia engineers opted for comfort over handling of the suspension, so this bruiser of a limousine was suffering from pronounced bump steer and platform deflection when cornering. 19 inch chrome Alloy wheels, shod with Hankook Optimo sized bit R246radials (245/45R19), never felt especially planted during transient maneuvers. The sport sedan, this is not.

2015 Kia luxury V8 K900 Interior

What is it, however, is the most sensational and affordable luxury new car yet to arrive from Korea. Really, there’s not much reason to request the K900 to double as a sports sedan, when the real mission in life is to provide fast, luxurious transport over long distances of up to 5 adults for the price of the competition who have wondered how managing to do Mch.

2015 Kia luxury V8 K900 Specifications

Engine: 5.0-Liter Direct-Injection V8

Horsepower 420hp

Torque: 376 lb-ft.

Fuel consumption: 15 MPG city/23 MPG Highway

Prices tested: $66,400

Cars Review 2015 Kia luxury V8 K900 With Design Elegant

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